Elliptical Workout Programs: An Amazing Guide for Beginners

Elliptical Workout Programs
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You just got your brand new elliptical, and you’re ready to do your elliptical workout. That’s good since working out is great for many reasons. It helps relieve stress, revitalizes the body, burns calories, and helps build up your stamina.

For some, you may be looking for something a bit more creative, while for others, you’re probably a beginner and just really want to get the basics down. The good news is both of these subjects will be covered below. We will also cover your pre-workout plans.

Elliptical Workout Routines for Beginners

Before anything else, you need to make a plan. The reason for making a plan of action with this piece of machinery is that there is a chance of it becoming monotonous and repetitive. To combat this, you need to decide what type of work out you would like.

Do you really want to work out your core? Or maybe your legs or arms? Maybe you want to get a good all-around workout that hits your entire body. You need to know what it is you are working towards because if your mind is focused, then your body will be too.

Another thing you really need to ask yourself is how long you have to work out, and how many calories do you want to burn. By doing this, you can more easily determine how quickly you need to move your body.

Program One

This is a workout program for all the beginners who want to start slowly. It’s hard enough to motivate yourself to work out when you either never have or haven’t exercised in a long while. It’s even harder when you’ve never used a piece of machinery such as the elliptical.

  1. For the first part of the workout, you will need to do your best to use all of your muscles as equally as possible. To start your warm up, you want to set your resistance between one and three for three minutes at a spin per minute (SPM) of roughly 130. If you find that one or two are too easy, then go to three but do not go any higher.
  2. Once those three minutes are up, you should put the resistance up two, then continue your warm-up for an additional two minutes and keep your SPM at 130.
  3. Now that you’re all warmed up, you’re going to keep your resistance the same but increase the SPM to 140 for five minutes. Once you hit that 10-minute mark, you are going to want to increase the resistance by two, then start moving your feet in the opposite direction and get your SPM back up to 140 then hold that speed for another five minutes. Once you hit 15 minutes, go back to the forward position, keeping your resistance where it is at, and your SPM should continue to be at 140 for another five minutes.
  4. Here’s where things get a bit different. Once you hit that 20-minute mark, keep your settings the same, but you will focus on pushing with your arms for about 2 ½ minutes then follow up by pulling with your arms for another 2 ½ minutes.
  5. The final thing you’ll do before you hit your cool down is to remove your hands from your elliptical bars, set the resistance down two, and continue moving forward at 140 SPM without the use of your hands for five minutes. It’s important to note that not everyone can go at this speed or resistance right away. What’s important is that you actually have to work for it. What that means is it’s better to lower the resistance and your speed and continue on. Just make sure you continue to put in the effort.
  6. Now for the cool down. Once you hit that 30-minute mark, you’re going to want to lower your resistance down two, if you are able, and lower your SPM by 10 for five minutes. Ideally, before you attempt any other more strenuous workouts with your elliptical, you should be ending your workout at a resistance of three and have your SPM at 130.

Program Two

For beginners who want something harder or for the seasoned vet who wants to try something new, this is a great elliptical workout plan for you. At this point, you should have an understanding of the terms and should be ending at that three resistance and 130 SPM.

  1. Warm up at resistance three and SPM 130 for three minutes followed by an increased SPM of 150 for two additional minutes. Then up the resistance to five with your hands off the bars for another two minutes.
  2. Once at seven minutes, increase the resistance to seven and SPM to 170, and then pull with your arms followed by two minutes at a resistance of five and reducing your SPM to 150 with your hands down.
  3. Then, pick it back up with a resistance of nine or the highest if your machine doesn’t reach nine. Bring your SPM back up to 170 and push with your arms for two minutes followed by no hands with a resistance of five and SPM of 150 for another two minutes. You will then increase your resistance to seven and your SPM to 200 for an entire minute then slow your SPM to 130 and go backward for two minutes then go forward again, hands down, at an SPM of 150 for one minute.
  4. Now increase your resistance to nine, your SPM to 170 then push with your arms for two minutes followed by dropping your resistance to five and your SPM to 130 and no hands for two minutes. Finally, you’ll have one more hard push by grabbing your bars, increasing your resistance to seven and your SPM to 200 for two minutes. Follow this by going back down to a resistance level of five and an SPM of 130 for two minutes.
  5. To cool down, you should lower the resistance to three and an SPM of 120 for one minute followed by going in reverse for two minutes then end going back forward at an SPM of 110 for one minute.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these elliptical workouts really help you out and get your body burning and the results you wish. These two workouts are only the foundation. Feel free to mix things up and find the best workout for you.

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