Is Elliptical Good for Buttocks: The Top Areas Your Workout Will Target

Is Elliptical Good for Buttocks: The Top Areas Your Workout Will Target
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If you were to ask any physical trainer or fitness enthusiast about certain workouts that focus on specific areas of your body, the majority would say that there’s no way to tone specific sections of your body with a dedicated exercise.

However, if you use a workout machine that targets all areas of your body, you’re likely to see toning absolutely everywhere, and this is the premise behind an elliptical. If you’ve ever wondered and asked, “Is elliptical good for buttocks?” in many cases, it can be, but you’ll need to focus on refining your stance and possibly adding a little bit of extra effort into your workout.

What Is the Purpose of an Elliptical?

The very first thing to think about is what an elliptical is actually used for, and fortunately, there are dozens of different benefits that the machine can bring to your body. Not only is it one of the few machines in your gym that works on nearly every area, but it also is a low-impact way that is easy on your joints and perfect to get the cardio you need at the beginning of your workout.

You won’t have to worry about joint pain or discomfort as a result of your body absorbing shock from running, yet you’ll still be able to burn a lot of calories in a small amount of time. When it comes to answering the question, “Is elliptical good for buttocks?” you’re going to have to think about the overall movement of the machine.

Much like its name suggests, when you’re using one, your feet are traveling in an elliptical motion that mimics how your body would typically walk. The faster you go, the faster you walk, and the slower you go, the more control over your movements you’ll have. With that being said, it’s easy to see how an elliptical can certainly tone your buttocks over time, especially if you’re interested in losing weight.

How Do You Achieve the Best Gluteal Workout on an Elliptical?

There are a few main things to take into consideration if you’re interested in toning your butt with the help of an elliptical machine. Depending on the type of elliptical you have, you should be able to consider these parameters in order to experience the most advanced gluteal workout possible.

1. Resistance

Adding more resistance to your workout means that your legs and your butt will have to work harder in order to make sure that the machine rotates in an elliptical motion. This undoubtedly forces you to push forward using your gluteal muscles, which will inevitably cause them to develop and become stronger. The less resistance you have, the less effective the workout will be.

2. Incline

Some elliptical machines also allow you to adjust the incline, as similar to a treadmill. The higher the incline, the more engaged your gluteal muscles will become, but it also means that you’ll be putting far more effort into your workout which can tire you out faster.

3. Avoid the handles

Every elliptical machine is equipped with a set of handles that help you keep your body steady without having to use extra energy from other parts of your body. However, if you prevent yourself from using the handles, you’ll be engaging your gluteal muscles to keep your balance. This is a phenomenal way to improve healthy tension in your lower body for additional toning.

4. Engage a stair climbing feature

Another interesting feature that your elliptical may have is a stair climbing mode where the movement of the machine will mimic what you would feel when you’re climbing a set of stairs. Apart from adjusting the incline and resistance, this mode can also help engage more of your gluteal muscles than using the basic functions of the elliptical.

What Can an Elliptical Workout Do for Your Buttocks?

Now that you have a clear understanding of how an elliptical works and the best ways to achieve the ideal workout for your buttocks, below are some of the biggest lower-body benefits you’re likely to experience.

1. Constantly working on your glutes

There are two main actions associated with being on the treadmill: abduction and adduction. Abduction is when your legs are moving away from your body (outward swing), while adduction is when they’re brought together (inward swing). As you go through an entire cycle on the elliptical, you can guarantee that both abduction and adduction will occur, causing your glutes to be activated the entire time you’re working out.

2. Heightened rate of glute activation

Compared to the other machines in the gym, you’d be surprised to learn that the elliptical trainer comes in second, behind the treadmill, in terms of how often your buttocks muscles are engaged. According to the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, the elliptical will engage up to 32.6% of your gluteal muscles with a single workout. This alone easily answers the question “Is elliptical good for buttocks?”

3. Toning and shedding fat

The most obvious thing that an elliptical has to offer is the ability to tone and shed more fat around your lower body. As it’s a phenomenal cardiovascular exercise that gives you the ability to burn more calories in less time than with other workouts, you can guarantee that you’ll begin to lose weight faster than you had originally anticipated. This undoubtedly gives you the perfect foundation for preparing your body for the highest level of muscle gain possible.

4. Protecting essential joints

Although this benefit may not directly relate to your buttocks, the movements you perform on an elliptical are very low-impact, which makes them perfect for people who are concerned about joint pain and even back pain. You’ll have the ability to tone your buttocks without having to worry about stress injuries or damaging your essential joints that you use on a day-to-day basis.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there are plenty of workouts that you can do to tone your butt, but using an elliptical is one of the best options. If you’ve ever wondered, if an elliptical workout is good for buttocks, there are many ways for you to see just how beneficial it really can be. With the right dedication, resistance, incline, and even the ability to adjust the workout modes of your machine, you’ll achieve your peak performance for ultimate toning possibilities.

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