Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

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How many times have you ended up hurting yourself while you’re out for your daily run? If that’s a usual scenario for you, you should consider changing your lifestyle a bit. The newly formulated elliptical machines help you complete your daily, balanced work out at the comfort of your home.

Elliptical machines are specially designed stationary exercise machines. They help the users take up activities similar to climbing stairs, running, and walking. Also called cross-trainers, these machines make sure you don’t break your leg while achieving your daily fitness target.

These machines are expensive, and it’ll take a considerable amount of dedication to investing in one. However, if you’ve made your decision to make a purchase, you should choose the perfect one to make sure the hole in your pocket pays off.

Here’s a detailed Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine review.

About Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn is a reliable and reputable US-based brand, which aims to provide innovative fitness solutions. Through their wide range of elliptical machines ranging from cardio to pilates, they target their customers' all over lifestyle, to bring a change towards healthy and sustainable living in America and all around the world. 


  • check
    Great for beginners
  • check
    Intuitive operation
  • check
  • check
    Supports precise, targeted workout plans
  • check
    Durable frame
  • Accessible sound and ventilation system
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with a long term warranty


  • Short speaker jack
  • The fan moves only feeble amounts of air

The Schwinn 470 is its latest and most versatile model to date. Let’s look into its features, specifics, and other details so you can get some further insight.

  • Basic Overview

The Schwinn 470 is an exercise machine with a moisturized ramp and automated controls to make your workout hassle-free. It has a variety of versatile programs you can choose from, along with an intuitive control system so that you don’t get confused. This means you can formulate and work through targeted fitness problems. 

  • Versatile Programming

If you’re thinking about bringing some variety to your everyday workout, then this is just the machine for you. It has a staggering 29 different programs and four different user settings. You can set the program according to your expertise and targeted area. 

Similarly, the four user settings assist versatile customization for all sorts of people. You can personalize your exercise assistant according to your needs. Besides that, it allows you to set defined goals and challenges and offers updates on your original workout once you’ve got the knack of it. 

Your body gets used to a particular workout if you carry it out on a routine basis for a long period, thus, its effectiveness diminishes. Using this machine means you will constantly stay challenged and motivated with one target after the other. 

  • Resistance Levels

This elliptical machine has 25 individual resistance levels. You can enhance or decrease these levels according to your fitness plan or expertise. The cutting edge flywheel design makes your workout easier as well. 

The weighted perimeter is induced with high speeds with an equally high inertia level to regulate perfect balance. This technical integration reduces the chances of accidents and injuries as compared to tool-less cardio workouts. 

  • LCD Window System

Moreover, you can monitor your progress clearly on the LCD screen located right in front of you. While you can forget to track, or lose track of your progress when running or jogging outdoors, this machine keeps a record of your current and previous workouts.

The system has 13 different display feedbacks so you can inquire anything you want about your workout and your machine will provide the data. This helps you track your everyday progress and identify long-term and short-term goals. 

In addition, the LCD screen display is clear and bright so you view it mid-workout. The control panel includes a charging port so you can keep your devices charged along with your body.  

  • Machine Framing And Outlook

The overall construction of the elliptical machine is sturdy and durable. It sports two properly integrated levelers supporting a center frame. This ensures flawless movement throughout your workout. Also, the frame holds the machine together firmly to avoid any disturbance during operation. 

Besides that, the machine frame has multi-angled wheels attached to its bottom. This allows easy transportation from room to room, so you don’t have to compromise on your privacy and comfort.

In addition, the entire frame is supported with oversized crossbar tubing. You can use these crossbars for extra support during workouts or when there's an accidental mishap. This feature is great for beginners who are still getting the hang of the machine. 

  • FootPlate Specifications

The FootPlates and stride are integrated to fit a variety of workouts and exercise positions. It has a 20-inch stride length and a 10-degree manual ramp angle which can be maneuvered in six different positions. 

Besides that, the movable footplates for cycling are large and roomy enough to ensure comfortable operation. Also, they’re reinforced with extra cushioning to keep your feet comfortable even after rigorous workouts. This keeps you safe against foot injuries and fatigue. 

  • Handlebar Design

The handlebars are formulated with an ergonomic design. The angular, moveable handlebars allow you to find a comfortable hand position of your choice. 

Apart from that, the handlebars are static with a grip heart rate. This way the machine can keep track of your heart rate and energy levels while you’re working out, and inform you through the LCD screen notifications. 

  • Fan And Speakers

If you’re a person who loves some music while they work out, this machine has the speakers for you. The large acoustic speakers give out loud, clear, and undistorted sound to keep you entertained and motivated. 

Besides that, there’s nothing like a cool breeze when you’re breaking down with sweat. That’s why this elliptical machine has a high power fan with three different speed levels. You can customize the speed and angle according to your comfort. 

  • Warranty

This machine is sure to last long if used under the 300 lbs weight limit. The durable frame comes with a 10-year warranty. Similarly, the electrical and mechanical aspects have a one and two-year warranty respectively. 

  • Pricing

The price of the Schwinn 470 is quite reasonable when the amount of features and durability is taken into account. While you would get most high-end Elliptical Machines for about double the amount of this product, it has a reputable brand name and considerable benefits for beginners and professional users. 

Comparison with Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

Now that you know all the details about our favourite product, you must be wondering about the other well-known brand names and their products available in the market. That’s why we’ve compiled a comparison to give you an honest representation of the product against its contemporaries.

The Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is another high quality and productive indoor exercise solution. It is considered the next of kin to the Schwinn 470, lacking only due to its high price which concerns low-end buyers. Let’s evaluate some of its basic features against the Schwinn 470.

  • Firstly, it can support up to 350 pounds of weight as well, similar to the Schwinn 470. Also, it has a heart rate monitoring chest strap, while the handlebars are stationary. This contrasts from the former as it has moveable handlebars with heart rate tracking systems, which proves to be more comfortable.
  • Secondly, the Sole Fitness E25 supports challenging cardio workouts with six standard programs. In comparison, the Schwinn can support up to 25 different exercise programs.
  • Thirdly, the LCD display console on this one has a fully backlit clear display. Similarly, the foot pedals are constructed with comfortable engineering to minimize fatigue to the feet and ankles. The Schwinn 470 is equipped with the same, but the Sole Fitness E25 takes the lead on this one.
  • Lastly, Although this product is ahead of its contemporaries regarding features and quality, all of that comes at a price. The Sole Fitness E25 offers a lifetime warranty on the mainframe. You’ll be getting similar features, advanced training programs, resistance levels, and a commendable warranty as well with the Schwinn 470. That's great for your everyday workout routine, at a reasonable price.


Overall, the Schwinn 470 is a versatile and productive elliptical machine with all the essential features and functions for various fitness programs. It provides multiple resistance levels and tracking abilities to give you a complete fitness plan for your desired lifestyle.

Although some minor problems have been reported with the other tertiary features like the fan and speakers, the main frame works flawlessly. All this at the reasonable, market competitive price, seals the deal for most prospective buyers out there.

Wrapping this review up, it’s evident that the Schwinn 470 is a versatile, customizable machine with considerable benefits to go for. Also taking into account it’s price range in the under $1,000 category, it’s a great deal for beginners who want to start their fitness journey from the comfort of their homes.

In the end, the choice for the ideal Elliptical Machine for you depends on your needs and preferences. Therefore, before selecting the best machine for yourself, you should consider your budget and lifestyle needs. Hopefully, this review will help you make an informed decision for your everyday exercise needs.

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