Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer Review

Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer Review
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You have decided to buy equipment for a home gym so that you can work out from the comfort of your own home. You have weighed your options carefully, and you don’t want tons of expensive equipment to work out each area. If only there was a single piece of exercise equipment that would work out the entire body!

Good news! There is! Allow us to introduce you to a fantastic piece of equipment called the elliptical machine. This machine has a ton of great benefits. Along with your cardio workout, this will also get a total body regimen, from your arms and shoulders to your glutes and legs!

Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer

Shaofu makes a fantastic elliptical machine. Theirs is lightweight and affordable so that you can get a great workout without cluttering up your home or breaking the bank. It is just as effective as other machines, capable of monitoring your workout, and provides a low resistance way to stay in shape.

shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer with LCD Monitor & Pulse Rate Grips | Home Office Fitness Workout Machine

Who Is This Product For?

The elliptical machine is a great workout option for everyone. If you want a great workout, then this elliptical machine is for you. Men and women will find a great total body workout with this machine.

It is especially ideal for anyone who has arthritis, osteoporosis, brittle bones, joint and tendon issues, plantar fasciitis, and other physical ailments. Since it is designed to have extremely low resistance, it will provide cardio training and muscle toning without the stress impact of treadmills, roads, and other alternatives.

Young and old people can both find a great workout regimen. This is designed to be easy to use regularly but can be combined with different positions for a more amped up workout experience. While this is acceptable for some children to use, we recommend that they only use it under strict adult supervision and if they are easily able to keep their hands on the hand rests while standing on the pedals.

What’s Included?

The Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer package includes your elliptical trainer and a user manual to help you assemble and safely use this product. Assembly is required, but for an additional fee, you can have professional assembly included.

Overview of Features

The Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical comes with some fantastic features. One of the best is that it is extremely budget-friendly as far as home workout equipment goes.

With eight levels of magnetically controlled tension resistance, the workouts will grow more intense as you get more in shape, allowing the same piece of equipment to grow with you. The use of magnets also ensures that this will be extremely quiet, so there’s no need to worry about whether you’re bothering your neighbors or family while you work out.

The Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer is also extremely small. This tiny, lightweight design makes it ideal for home use. Instead of having bulky pieces of equipment taking up space and looking awful, this one can be stored pretty much anywhere.

Stick it in the back of a closet and pull it out when you need it, or stow it in the corner of small apartments. It won’t take up more than its fair share of space. It also has portable wheels for easy movement.

The LCD is pretty comprehensive as well. This will track your distance, speed, time spent, calories burned, and heart rate, so you can be sure that you are in your healthy cardio zone for the entire workout.

How to Use

There are a number of different ways to use the elliptical machine for a maximum impact workout. The standard way to use it is to place both feet on the pedals and both arms on the handlebars.

Pedal the elliptical by walking, and push the arm bars while you move, and this engages your entire body. The cardio benefits depend entirely on how quickly you choose to pedal. The faster you pedal, the higher your heart rate will be.

Using it in this manner will strengthen biceps, triceps, and deltoids as you move. It will also engage your hamstrings, glutes, and quads, ensuring a full body workout.

For muscle toning, the higher the resistance, the harder pedaling will be. As such, the more toning and strengthening you will get out of your muscles. To increase the resistance, simply turn the eight-level resistance knob.

If you really want to maximize your experience, then you can increase the intensity of your workout. Use the machine backward, facing away from the screen, to engage a different group of muscles and add a core workout.

If you don't want to do this, though, then you can squat in the same way you would do wall squats, ensuring your shoulders line up and your back remains straight. Pedaling while squatting will focus your balance, engaging your core strength to keep you stable. It will also increase the burn you feel on your leg muscles and provide a more intense glute workout.


The Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer has a maximum weight capacity of about 265 pounds or 120 kilograms. If you are or the people in your house who would use are on the heavier side, you can consider the ANCHEER Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer. It also has eight levels of resistance and LCD but has a maximum weight capacity of approximately 330 pounds or 150 kilograms.


If you decided that it’s time to make a lifestyle change, but you know that you hate the gym since you do not want to go to a public workout space where everyone is on display or pay expensive fees, the Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer will serve you well. Same goes if your life is insanely busy, and you're constantly running from place to place or you do not have enough to go to the gym before and after work.

Overall, the Shaofu Magnetic Control Mute Elliptical Trainer is a great option for home workouts. It is compact, low resistance, and extremely effective.


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