What Are the Benefits of the Elliptical Machine?

What Are the Benefits of the Elliptical Machine?
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One of the most common questions amongst gym enthusiasts is whether they should use the treadmill or the elliptical. Most people assume that because the treadmill seemingly makes you sweat more and breathe heavier, it’s the best option. However, the elliptical can offer a wide variety of advantages without the worry of high-impact exercises.

If you’ve ever asked, “What are the benefits of the elliptical machine?’ we’ll discuss them in this guide to help you train better and achieve your ideal physique.

Key Benefits of Using an Elliptical

1. Engaging Oneself in Low-impact Exercises

The most noticeable advantage of using an elliptical is the fact that it’s a very low-impact exercise, which is essential for people who have dealt with stress injuries in the past. Unlike running or even walking, your feet typically never leave the pedals of an elliptical, which prevents your knees, feet, and important tendons from heightened shock as a result of your feet hitting the floor. Using the elliptical is also far better for individuals with lower back problems, as you won’t have to worry about any jolts traveling up your spine.

2. Prevents Further Strain on Joints

Aside from the fact that you’ll finally have a way to exercise without worrying about your body absorbing shock, the path that an elliptical will take mimics the natural movement of your body while you’re walking. Your knees, ankles, and even hips won’t be pushed further than they’re comfortable with, which helps reduce the overall amount of pressure and strain on the most important parts of your body.

Depending on the type of elliptical machine you have access to, some models have “articulating” foot pedals versus stationary ones. With articulation pedals, your feet will adapt to your stride, relieving even more pressure off your joints.

3. Works Your Lower and Upper Body

Having the ability to workout both your lower and upper body is another way to answer, “What are the benefits of the elliptical machine?” Imagine having access to a machine that targets all the most troublesome areas of your body while you’re trying to lose weight or bulk muscle. With the movement of the elliptical, you’ll notice that your back, hamstrings, glutes, chest, biceps, and even your quadriceps will be getting a workout all at the same time.

According to professional physical trainers, there isn’t any other machine on the market that works your upper and lower body simultaneously quite like an elliptical does.

4. Spending Less Time Burning Calories

If you’re simply on the quest to burn as many calories as possible as an effort to lose weight, opting for the elliptical is your best bet because it’s one of the most efficient calorie-burning machines in the gym. This is because you’re working an insane amount of muscles at the same time, forcing your body to burn more fat and calories in far less time.

Aside from the rate of burn your body will experience, you’ll also realize that you can work out for longer on an elliptical than you would on a treadmill or even while lifting weights. It could be as a result of the natural movement of the machine or because it takes a lot of pressure off from your body, so you’ll easily be able to double your average treadmill time on an elliptical.

5. Requires Less Maintenance

When compared to treadmills, ellipticals are going to require far less maintenance over the same period. If you’re someone who simply wants to buy gym equipment and not have to worry about it for years, you’ll want to consider an elliptical machine because of its low-impact motion.

There are far fewer parts that have to move in order to have the machine work, which means less wear and tear on delicate components. Unlike treadmills where you have to worry about bearings, belts, rollers, and motors, just to name a few.

6. Uses Minimal Space

There’s a reason as to why homeowners and apartment renters alike find it simple to use an elliptical; it takes up far less space than any other type of gym equipment. This is another benefit of the elliptical machine because if you have a limited amount of space to work with, you’re in luck. You can even find special types of ellipticals that are designed for particularly small areas, so you won’t have to worry about allocating a large chunk of your living room or basement for your equipment.

7. Multitasking while Working Out Is Simple

If you’re someone who finds it particularly difficult to stay concentrated on your workout, you might be interested in relying on another activity to keep you entertained. Unfortunately, while working out on a treadmill, the idea of watching a television show or reading a book could give you motion sickness.

On the other hand, reading a book, checking emails, or even writing papers on an elliptical is far easier. The more distracted you can get when it comes to your workout, the far more likely you’ll be to exercise for longer and actually enjoy your time in the gym.

8. Improves Your Mobility and Balance

There’s a reason as to why plenty of physical therapy hospitals and clinics are equipped with a variety of elliptical machines; they’re essential for improving mobility and balance after surgery. Even athletes with torn ACLs are required to go on ellipticals to help gradually regain the motion in their hips. If you’ve been noticing that it’s become increasingly difficult to walk a straight line or if your body is finding it tougher to get around, try opting for a quick workout on the elliptical.

9. Enjoyable Workout

It’s rare that you can find someone who actually enjoys spending hours in the gym unless you’re a very committed athlete. This means you’re ideally going to want to achieve your daily goal with as little effort as possible, and being able to answer, what are the benefits of the elliptical machine, can help you to do so. With the combination of the comfort you’ll feel on the machine, the less time you’ll have to spend at the gym, among many other things, you’ll finally enjoy being able to lose weight.

Final Words

Cardiovascular exercise is easily one of the most hated types of workouts, but with the help of the right regime and an elliptical machine, you’ll be able to have your perfect physique without dreading your daily gym time.

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